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We manufacture low voltage, dry-type transformers, custom-designed to suit our clients’ requirements.

What we create

With over 70 years’ experience in design and manufacture, we can provide specialised design experience for your specialised problems.

We use computer-aided tools to produce a design that suits all your requirements.

Our designs consider:


The Designs typically range from 10 VA to 100 kVA.

Our transformers are both designed and Manufactured in Australia. We have the ability to test our products to the relevant Australian Standards here in our factory, before they are shipped out to you.

With over 10,000 designs, we’d be happy to make yours the next one!

Who we supply

We have supplied power transformers for use in the defence field and for electricity authorities, and instrument transformers for use in energy-measurement or protection. Our clients include the Royal Australian Navy and the Royal New Zealand Navy.

We have supplied transformers for: